The Equinox VCO is based on a timeless analogue design, remastered for modern manufacturing techniques. Whilst the original used older, now obsolete components, the Equinox VCO utilises modern op-amps specifically designed for low noise, audio applications.

The module is designed to be the primary sound source for the modular synth. It provides the three main waveforms used in subtractive synthesis: Sawtooth, Triangle and Pulse / Square wave. The three waveforms each have unique characteristics and harmonic makeup, providing the raw materials for synthesising a huge range of acoustic and electronic instruments. Sawtooth waves are commonly used to create brass and string like sounds, whilst a square wave sounds more like woodwind. The VCO also features an onboard mixer, where the waveforms can be combined, giving access to even more timbres and complex waveforms.

The frequency or musical pitch is controlled via the standard 1V/Oct input, allowing control of the module from a wide range of third party sequencers and keyboards. There is also a Coarse frequency knob, as well as a Fine tune, allowing the VCO to be tuned into other VCOs or sound sources. More in-depth synthesis techniques are also available via the FM and PWM controls