Equinox VCF Eurorack Synth Module


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The VCF is possibly one of the most important modules within a modular synthesiser. The Equinox VCF was designed with two classic instruments in mind: the SH-101 and the TB-303, both possessing key sonic elements in electronic music culture. Combined with the VCO, the Equinox VCF provides an incredibly rich palette of squelches and squeals, from throbbing basslines through to mix cutting leads. With two VCOs connected to the two mixed inputs, this module can produce the fattest of sounds.

The main role of the Low Pass Filter in subtractive synthesis is to remove higher harmonics from a waveform, altering the sound into new timbres. Filtering all harmonics from a waveform will result in just a sine wave oscillating at the fundamental frequency, great for hard punching kick drums. An alternative method for producing sine waves is to crank the Resonance control to maximum, causing the filter to go into self oscillation. The pitch of this very pure sine wave can now be controlled either via the Cutoff knob or the CV In.

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Current Draw

+12V: 20mA, -12V: 20mA