Equinox LFO Eurorack Synth Module


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The Equinox LFO provides control over the Rate, Depth and Offset, and has two waveforms: sine and square. These can be patched into all modules which have a control voltage input, giving access to a huge range of synthesis techniques such as FM and PWM. The depth control sets the amplitude of the signal, from 5VP right down to a DC level. The offset control moves the signal either up towards +5V or down towards -5V. The module is smart enough to know when the depth is maximum, there’s no room for the offset to move, but when the depth is at it’s minimum, i.e. DC, the offset can move that level anywhere between +5V and -5V. A sync input is also provided, resetting the waveform so it can be synced with sequencers or other modulation sources within the modular synthesiser.

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Current Draw

+12V: 20mA, -12V: 20mA