GMSN! Eurorack Power Supply

GMSN! Eurorack Power Supply


The Tried and Tested GMSN! Eurorack Modular Synth Power Strip!

This may sound like the hard sell, but this power strip has been used in literally hundreds of cases over the last 5 years since it was first released and there has never been a single complaint. Ask Facebook 😉

It provides over 800mA for each of the +12V and -12V supplies, as well as a 5V supply. It also features over and under voltage and current protection, ensuring your modules will be safe at all times.

With 12 connectors, it provides more than enough power, and can also be extended into a separate distribution board.

This should be powered by a 12V, 2A wall wart such as this one from Amazon, but can also be powered from a car battery, solar panel, or anything else which provides at least 2A in the range of 9V – 36V. A very versatile power strip!

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