The Equinox VCO is an all analogue voltage controlled oscillator. The beating heart of the modular system. A must have for every rack.

Featuring Sawtooth, Triangle and Pulse/Square waves, each with it’s own mix level. The waves forms are mixed together giving a rich palette of sonic capabilities.

<video of mix out with oscilloscope screen>

The main controls for the VCO are found in the top row, with a eurorack standard 1 volt per octave input, and Coarse and Fine tuning knobs. The Coarse takes the frequency across the entire audio range, with the Fine tune giving exceptional precision for keeping multiple VCOs in tune. The 1V/Oct trimmer is also accessible from the front panel.

Two types of modulation are available: Linear FM and PWM. These controls give access to a host of advanced synthesis techniques, enabling even more timbral possibilities.

<video of FM and PWM synthesis techniques>

As with all Equinox modules, these are designed with three main aims in mind: simplicity, sound quality and affordability. These values are at the core of everything we do. To check out the VCO in more detail check out the video below or pop into your local modular synth store.