Boutique Synth Design with
Industry Standard Manufacturing

Reducing the cost of Eurorack ownership

Hand built by Robots

Modules are built using cutting edge manufacturing processes.

Robots don’t need expensive beard trimmers, vegan avocado toast or a workshop in the hipster neighbourhood. Cost savings which can be passed on to the customer.

Classic Boutique Designs

A passion for electronic music is at the heart of everything we do.

Like a DJ digging through creates for records, we have delved into the archives for the best in classic synth designs, then remastered them for the modern world.

Industry Standard Components

Components are sourced through industry standard channels.

Modern components are manufactured to ever tighter quality standards. Noise has been reduced to imperceptible levels. They are also easier to source. And cheaper too.


100% Analogue Signal Path

Whilst we embrace both digital and analogue in equal amounts, there is a very complex play between waveforms in a modular synthesiser. The charging of an analogue component over an infinite range of values to produce a waveform can never be replicated in digital. This is the reason all electronics in the audio signal path will always be analogue.

The Equinox VCO is the embodiment of this ethos, based on classic analogue design and built with standard electronic components, the cost is reduced, however there is absolutely no compromise when it comes to sound quality.


Digital Control

With a 100% audio signal path, there is no reason to ignore the power of digital. Embedded technology has reduced costs and increased available functionality no end. This simplifies the design and manufacturing process bringing further cost benefits.

The Equinox LFOfeatures an embedded microprocessor to produce it’s slowly evolving signal. This means fewer components, but leverages the very latest software techniques to provide control that would otherwise be increasingly difficult in the analogue domain.

Dealer Contact

Equinox Synth modules are only available via dealers. If you would like to stock Equinox Synth Modules, please use the contact form below.

Rob Spencer

From work experience at British Aerospace through to a career in British Army working on defence electronics, Rob Spencer has always had a passion for electronics. Since leaving the Army in 2007, he has been working as an IT Project Manager, the highlight being helping to launch ApplePay in the UK.

For the past 5 years he has been combining his two main passions: Electronics and Music. Always keen to push technology forward he has been combining classic designs with cutting edge  design and manufacturing processes such as Agile Product Development and Kaizen Continous Improvement.

He also runs the occasional workshop and gives lectures on Modular Synthesis, Product Design and Music.